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Getting Started

Connecting to Your Server Space

Creating Your Page

Inserting Images

Inserting Tables



Page Properties


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Additional Resources

When learning any new technological tool or software, it's best to tinker to find what works and what works best for you.

These are a few recommended resources for more information on best practices for web design, information architecture, and Dreamweaver:

  • www.w3.org - The World Wide Web Consortium offers standards for many web tools.
  • www.dynamicdrive.com - offers free DHTML and java scripts.   It sounds ominous, but they give great visual examples to choose from.
  • www.boxesandarrows.com - a bunch of information architects came together and you have boxes and arrows.
  • www.macromedia.com - info on current and upcoming Macromedia products.
  • www.sourceforge.net - claims to be "the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet."

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