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Inserting Images

In Dreamweaver, there are many ways to accomplish any given task.   For instance, there are two ways to insert an image.   You could click on the image button in the insert content bar at the top:

Or, you could click on "Insert" at the top and scroll down to "Image:"

It is important to remember that Dreamweaver is an html editor, not an image editor. Make all adjustments to your image in Fireworks, Photoshop, the Gimp, etc., before inserting it into your Dreamweaver document.   This includes resizing the image, as you risk losing quality and correct proportions.

There are certain features of your image that you can edit from the Properties window.   You can align an image, create a border around the image, add alternative text, allot horizontal and vertical space to pad your image, create an image map, and more:

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