Introduction to Visio 2003
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Introduction and Objectives

Getting Started and Navigating in Visio

Creating a New Diagram

Adding and Modifying Text

Creating a Background

Modifying the Color Scheme

Adding a Hyperlink

What to do with Your Visio Drawing

Other Types of Visio Drawings


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Introduction and Objectives


This tutorial is designed for people who are new to Visio. Visio is a drawing and diagramming program that helps transform concepts into a visual representation. Visio provides you with pre-defined shapes, symbols, backgrounds, and borders. Just drag and drop elements into your diagram to create a professional communication tool.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to focus on how to create a flowchart diagram, and then briefly show how a wire frame for web design and an organization chart might look when drawn in Visio. But Visio also provides the tools to create many other types of diagrams, such as charts and graphs, project schedules, and web diagrams. Be sure to browse the Visio template gallery for samples.

Currently, Visio is available on all of the PCs in the iSchool Lab. The program can also be purchased at the Campus Computer Store for about $57. An alternative program is OmniGraffle, also currently available on all of the Macs in the iSchool Lab. Another alternative is Dia, an open source diagramming program currently available on all of the PCs in the lab, and available for download at



After completing this tutorial, you will have learned how to:

  • Open a new Visio document
  • Create a flowchart diagram using shapes and connectors
  • move or add shapes
  • Add text to a diagram and format the text
  • Create a background
  • Modify the color palette
  • Add a hyperlink
  • Print a diagram or insert it into a PowerPoint or Word document
  • Edit a diagram while remaining in PowerPoint or Word  

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