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This tutorial is intended to provide guidelines for tutorial creation and workflow for Teaching Assistants working in the School of Information IT Lab. As a labstaff employee, you are responsible for creating online tutorials, on a variety of subjects. You'd be surprised how many people read these things (they are on the Internet, after all), and if you have a few spare hours, ask Quinn to show you some of our site statistics. Because of the potential for a large audience, it's important that our tutorials look good (no typos, no broken links, no missing pieces) - remember, your name will be on them, and you never know when a potential employer will conduct a Google search on you.

You don't necessarily need to complete your tutorial in the order that's recommended here - everyone does their tutorial in a different way. Regardless of how you begin, you should still adhere to these recommendations to ensure a consistent and quality product.

Objectives of this Tutorial

  • Provide guidelines for creating course content that is organized, easy to understand, and useful, both for School of Information students and the community at large.
  • Ensure that content is quality controlled at every stage of creation.
  • Develop a workflow for content creation.
  • Learn how to create a consistent product for easy archiving in the future (all of our tutorials will be archived onto DSpace, an open source digital repository system).

I've created a tracking sheet that might be useful during this process. The tracking sheet consists of checklists for each component, and can be found here. Print out the tracking sheet, and staple it to a folder, which will contain the materials you create for your tutorial (outline, handout, etc.).


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