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The Outline

The Handout

The Website

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Uploading Your Files

Evaluate this tutorial

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Uploading Your Files

In the past, and I see no reason why this should change, one person in the lab was responsible for uploading tutorial files into the iSchool server space (it just makes things easier that way). When your website is complete, you should upload your files into the ~labstaff account (LabStaff Archive/Tutorials). Inform the staff member where the files are located. After your files are uploaded onto the website, double check to make sure that everything's in order. Here are some specific things to look for:

  • Does the "Evaluate this Tutorial" link have its own unique ID?
  • Is the tutorial linked in the appropriate section (Getting Started, Internet & Security, etc.)?
  • Is the tutorial linked under the Browse Tutorials section?
  • Are the videos linked? Do the video links go to the correct video?
  • Are the transcript for the videos linked?
  • Is the PDF handout linked?
  • Are any weird symbols showing up in the text?
  • Is the animated gif animated? Does it only play once?

Copyright Information
You maintain the copyright over your work. However, you do allow the university to use the tutorials you've created. We are in the process of developing a form for you to sign, as each tutorial is completed, that clearly states the copyright implications regarding your work. For more information, check with Carlos Ovalle, Copyright Guru.

Advertising Your Tutorial
When you're sure your tutorial is complete, send out an email to the SASI listserv, letting the school know that it's out there. Don't forget to check our Tutorial Evaluations responses, for feedback on your work (not always good feedback, but definitely interesting, and usually misspelled).

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