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Creating an Outline

Before you begin writing (or creating the website or making the video), make an outline of your tutorial. It can be as simple or as detailed as you would like, but the main point should be this: what is your tutorial going to be about? Do some research. Look at other online tutorials covering the same subject matter. Ask labstaff members for ideas.

Keep in mind that this outline will form the bulk of the navigation elements you will use in the web pages, handout, and video. Also, one of the goals here is to create modular content, that can be expanded as needed, or updated when necessary. Feel free to create an expansive outline, but identity key areas that need to be completed first, and can be added to later. You don't need to cover everything, and you can always write another tutorial on the same software, that covers the more advanced elements.

The Review Process:
Your outline must be reviewed and approved by a labstaff member. If you are reviewing an outline, don't be afraid to make suggestions. Will this tutorial cover everything it needs to cover? Should it be simpler? More complex?

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