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Introduction to Archival Enterprise (INF 389D) : [24]

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The material in this collection was originally located in the folder "389IntrotoAE", located in the "Courses" directory. There were 6 subfolders within this folder: AEII, CourseInfo, Exams, Grades, Projects, and Readings. Complete information on the directory structure can be found in the documentation section of the David B. Gracy II Community.

The Grades folder was removed before the project team took possession of the copies made from Dr. Gracy's computer; it contained private information that Dr. Gracy did not want available in DSpace.

This collection contains files that were located in the top level directory, and in the subfolder "Readings". Files that were clearly not created by Dr. Gracy were excluded from the collection. The titles of the files are the original file names given to them by Dr. Gracy.


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