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David B. Gracy II is a Certified Archivist and the Governor Bill Daniel Professor in Archival Enterprise in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. An historian by training, Dr. Gracy launched his professional career in 1959 as an archival assistant at the Texas State Archives, and has since gone on to hold many positions ranging from professorial, directorial, administrative, editorial and board appointments. In addition to having his own long and illustrious career, Dr. Gracy has led many students to prominent positions in the archival field while serving as an educator for over 25 years.

After receiving his B.A. in history from the University of Texas at Austin in 1963, Dr. Gracy obtained a Masters in history from UT-Austin in 1966, and his Ph.D. in history from Texas Tech University in 1971. He proceeded to establish the University Archives and Southern Labor Archives, and the University Archives at Georgia State University in Atlanta where he worked as an archival administrator and tenured professor from 1971 to 1977. During this time, Dr. Gracy also served as a part-time instructor of American History at DeKalb University. Following his successes in Georgia, Dr. Gracy returned to Austin, Texas where he had a successful tenure as Director of the Texas State Archives from 1977 to 1986.

In 1981, Dr. Gracy began teaching at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin as a lecturer, and joined the faculty full time as the Governor Bill Daniel Professor in Archival Enterprise in 1986. He has taught classes in archives and records management, preservation of library and archival material, forgeries of historical documents, as well as classes in the broader field of information science, including Understanding and Serving Users, and Indexing and Abstracting. Dr. Gracy founded and directed the Center for the Cultural Record, an inter-disciplinary center, in 2000 until 2004, and served as Associate Dean of the School of Information from 1991 to 1995. Dr. Gracy served as the President of the Society of American Archivists from 1983 to 1984, and the President of the Academy of Certified Archivists from 1999 to 2000. He continues to serve as a board member of the Littlefield Lands/Duggan House Museum and the UT Heritage Society.

In addition to his work at UT, Dr. Gracy has taught courses throughout the country and the world. Dr. Gracy has also published a large body of work, writing on many different historical and archival matters. In addition to writing, Dr, Gracy has served as an editor for scholarly publications. He was the creator and founding editor of Georgia Archive (subsequently Provenance), served on the editorial board of American Archivist, and as of 2008, he is the editor of Libraries & the Cultural Record. In 1990, The Society of Georgia Archivists established the David B. Gracy II Award for superior contributions to Provenance.

Widely recognized for his contributions to the field of archives, Dr. Gracy has earned numerous distinctions in recognition of his leadership, services, and contributions in teachings, administration, research, editorial works, and writings. These awards include the Katherine Drake Hart History Preservation Award in 2005, San Jacinto Award in 1993, and Texas Excellence in Teaching Award from UT in 1987. He has also received a Certificate of Award from the Austin Chapter of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators in 1981, a Certificate of Merit from the Society of Georgia Archivists in 1976, a Distinguished Service Award from the Society of Southwest Archivists in 1978 and from the Organized Labor and Workman's Circle of Atlanta, Georgia in 1976, and Award of Merit from the Society of American Archivists in 1975 and the American Association for State and Local History in 1968. Dr. Gracy was named Fellow by the Society of American Archivists in 1979, the Texas State Genealogical Society in 1981, and the Texas State Historical Association in 1992. He was further recognized as Distinguished Alumnus by the Department of History at Texas Tech University in 1987, and had been elected to honorary societies of Beta Phi Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, and Phi Kappa Phi.

The material initially ingested in the David B. Gracy II Collection as part of INF392K Spring 2008 represents a sample of the 2,671 files in the "My Documents" directory on David B. Gracy II's computer in his office at the University of Texas, acquired by the project team.

Material relates to various functions Dr. Gracy serves including his professional archival work, his role as a professor (particularly at the University of Texas School of Information), board appointments, editorships (particularly of Libraries & The Cultural Record), writings reflecting his work as an historian, and talks.

Top-level sub-communities were created based on Dr. Gracy's wishes, and collections within those sub-communities were generally created based on the names of folders in Dr. Gracy's original directory structure. Except when items were omitted for privacy concerns, collections represent the entire contents of folders of the same, or similar name. Dr. Gracy will be re-naming and restructuring the collections as he sees fit. Because items did not have titles supplied in their associated Microsoft Office metadata, item titles were culled from the title listed in the document, or represent a description of the content of the document.

The bulk of the material was created in Microsoft Office 2003 on a PC running Windows XP. Much of the material, particularly that not relating specifically to the School of Information, was originally created on Dr. Gracy's home computer, and therefore represents a copy. As such, the metadata field "date created" may represent the date of transfer to the office computer rather than the actual date of the file's creation. Material may have been migrated forward from previous versions of Windows or Office.

The material can be described as following:
Type of File Number of Files
.doc (Microsoft Word) 191
.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint) 13
.xls (Microsoft Excel) 1

Additional material will be added by Dr. Gracy and agents designated by Dr. Gracy when this community is handed off to Dr. Gracy at the completion of the course in May 2008.

Collections in this community

  • Gracy Documentation [5]

    This collection contains documentation developed for the initial ingest of materials into the David B. Gracy collections in spring of 2008.

Sub-communities within this community

  • Gracy Courses [56]

    This subcommunity contains collections pertaining to courses taught by David B. Gracy II.

  • Gracy iSchool [30]

    This subcommunity contains materials relating to David B. Gracy II's work as a faculty member of the School of Information.

  • Gracy Personal [16]

    This subcommunity contains documents belonging to David B. Gracy II.

  • Gracy Professional [8]

    This subcommunity contains collections relating to David B. Gracy II's professional activities and engagements.

  • Gracy Talks [10]

    This subcommunity contains documents pertaining to talks and presentations by David B. Gracy II.

  • Gracy University of Texas [2]

    This subcommunity contains materials relating to David B. Gracy II's service to the University of Texas.

  • Gracy Writings [77]

    This subcommunity contains materials of which David B. Gracy II is the author.

  • Libraries & the Cultural Record [6]

    This subcommunity contains docmentation of David B. Gracy's editorship of the journal Libraries & the Cultural Record.

Materials managed by this subcommunity are the intellectual property of their author(s) unless subsequently assigned, as indicated in the description of individual items.


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