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Circus Memorabilia : [132]

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This is a digital collection of materials dealing with the circus and its influence on popular culture. This will bring together a heretofore scattered collection of visual and textual materials into a cohesive unit which will aid a future researcher through the increased accessibility. The focus of the collection is France in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, although there are many exceptions to this. The bulk of the material was provided by Jennifer Forrest, a professor French literature at Texas State University. The digitization of these images as well as the increased ease of access will aid her in her research efforts.

Collections in this community

  • Images [83]

    This contains images that pertain to the circus in France during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. They are, for the most part, depictions of various performers.

  • Music [44]

    Historically, music and its effect have been an integral part of the art of the circus. This is a sampling of various different types of music used in circuses and inspired by circuses.

  • Textual Material [5]

    These are textual materials concerning the circus in France.


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