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Terry Dyke's records reflect the activities of a board member that occupied different roles in the organization over a period of 10 years. Formats: Dyke's records include text documents, server records, databases, spreadsheets, reports, reference materials, web pages, and email messages. Dates and Arrangement: The collection is composed by items arranged chronologically and by subject.Yearly items include records of Dyke's activities as Webmaster. Because email messages cannot be separated by years, they conform a single item in the collection. His records as treasurer are mostly conformed by spreadsheets whose contents span from 1994-1998. Strengths of the collection: Email between board members articulate the decision making processes of MAIN. Through the contents of the databases and email messages with MAIN's hosts, the connection between the organization and the community that it serves is depicted. The different software formats used to track hosts' information speaks of the technologies used by the organization.

Due to privacy concerns, databases and spreadsheets containing personal contact information of MAIN's web-hosts are not available for public access.


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