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This community reflects the continuum of operations of The Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network (MAIN)through its electronic records. MAIN is a non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and operate efficiently a community-access computer network. The purpose of this network is information sharing and communication among the people and governmental, educational, commercial, cultural, religious, and civic organizations, in order to enhance lives and make the best use of community resources. Records in this community are organized in 4 separate collections according to provenance and in the order in which they had been submitted. It is expected that the AHC will keep receiving and expanding MAIN community and collections every three years. For research purposes, this records should be consulted along with MAIN's paper records located at the Austin History Center.

Collections in this community

  • Susan Soy [8]

    Records produced and gathered by Susan K.Soy 1995 - 2003

  • Terry Dyke [4]

    Records gathered and produced by Terry Dyke from 1994-2003

The Austin History Center, Austin, TX unless otherwise indicated. Restrictions are described separately for each collection/item.


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