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Main page on the School of Information Web site as of Spring 2005, ingested in order to experiment with DSpace HTML support while archiving the then-current version of the homepage. This page provided access to all other sections of the Web site.

The School of Information Web site traces its roots to 1993 when students at the iSchool (then called the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, or GSLIS) began tinkering with a static, text-based "gopher" site. As the name "gopher" implies, the GSLIS site simply allowed users to "go for" online information contained in easy-to-read menus that linked to other information contained in easy-to-read menus. Student involvement in the creation of the program's site was integral to the site's development, as sheer curiosity about the Web and its capabilities drove students at the School to add pages and content to the www.gslis.utexas.edu domain. As the School of Library and Information Science added an Information Technology (IT) staff under the direction of Dr. Mary Lynn Rice-Lively in 1999, students working in the IT lab continued to grow the site, greatly influencing its design and content. By 2000, the site had undergone an extensive redesign with input from staff, students, and faculty, offering many of the features familiar to current users: News, Programs, Admissions, Courses, People (including student organizations and a faculty directory with links to teaching materials), Technology, Resources, and Career Services. With the arrival of Dean Andrew Dillon in 2002, the site and its administration underwent shifts that reflected the program's new direction as it became known as the School of Information, or the iSchool. The Dean's office assumed control of the new site — www.ischool.utexas.edu — in October of 2002, adding a full-time Web manager to the iSchool staff. Faculty and students continue to contribute heavily to the iSchool site, with many IT staff members ("purple shirts") contributing IT tutorials on Internet and software applications, professors posting syllabi and offering Web-based courses, student organizations updating their respective pages, and teaching assistants uploading content for faculty members. In 2004, the site began to include dynamic content in the form of php pages driven by a MySQL database.

The materials in this collection are the intellectual property of The University of Texas at Austin, administered by the School of Information.


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