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This Community is intended to serve as a permanent repository for the School of Information's official webpages and their content. The official webpages include all public pages maintained by the School of Information or its official departments; personal webpages constructed and maintained by faculty, students, or affiliated groups are not included in this collection but may be archived elsewhere in this repository. It is the goal of this community to continue archiving the School of Information official webpages at regular intervals in order to provide an historical context for future scholars as well as to document the activities of the School of Information (and the development of the website) over time.Collections in this community

Web pages and related content created by School of Information staff as part of their official duties are the intellectual property of the School of Information. Web pages created by students (e.g., Information Technology tutorials and certain historic administrative Web pages) are the intellectual property of their author unless subsequently assigned, as indicated in the description of individual items.


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