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This sub-community consists of Dr. Loriene Roy's born-digital materials related to her research and writing, her teaching, and her service. It also includes web crawls of her blog and website and records documenting the project of creating the sub-community and preserving the materials it contains. This sub-community was established by Carly Dearborn, Wendy Hagenmaier, Annie Sollinger, and Sarah Sundbeck in Dr. Patricia Galloway's INF392K Digital Archiving and Preservation course in Spring 2012. Additional material will be added by Dr. Roy and agents designated by Dr. Roy when this sub-community is handed off to Dr. Roy at the completion of the course in May 2012.

The Loriene Roy's Service sub-community offers a model for how other ALA presidents might approach preserving born-digital records documenting their leadership and service to ALA.

Biographical Sketch:

Loriene Roy was born in northern Minnesota and is a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. She received her Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Arizona before pursuing her doctorate degree at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Roy joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin School of Information in 1987.

Roy’s research focuses on cultural heritage services for indigenous people, public libraries and measurement and evaluation of library services. She is also a joint faculty member in the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at UT. She founded and directs “If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything,” a reading club for Native American children.

In 2006, Roy was announced as President Elect of ALA. She was inaugurated as President in 2007 and served as Past President until 2009. Roy’s Presidential platform focused on Literary Support, Promoting LIS education and establishing workplace wellness programs. As President, Roy implemented task forces to establish these elements of her campaign platform on a local and national level.

Prior to her role as President, Roy held different positions within the organization. Roy was ALA Councilor at Large from 1997-2000 and 2004-2006, and has served on several ALA committees, including the Committee on Education, the Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship, and the Nominating committee. She has also served on ALA Presidential Advisory Boards and task forces for numerous ALA Presidents, and on the International Relations Round Table and the Steering Committee for the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color.

Scope and Content:

The Loriene Roy Sub-Community consists of three thematic sub-communities: Research and Writing, Service, and Teaching. These themes reflect Dr. Roy's own classification of her activities, and as such, represent the original thematic "order" of her born-digital materials. The Research and Writing sub-community documents Dr. Roy's academic and intellectual interests, as represented in her significant body of research and writing. The Service sub-community documents Dr. Roy's professional engagement and activities, including details about her involvement with ALA. The Teaching sub-community documents Dr. Roy's activities as a LIS educator. The Loriene Roy sub-community creators anticipate that Dr. Roy will likely continue to ingest her born-digital materials into these thematic sub-communities.

Apart from these thematic sub-communities, the Loriene Roy sub-community includes several collections, including collections related to her online presence (her blog, her website, and her e-mail), a collection to house the image of the laptop she used during her ALA presidency, and a collection of project documentation. The collections related to her online presence and the collection created to house the laptop image contain materials that span across the three thematic sub-community categories, so they were not placed within any single one of those thematic sub-communities.

File formats prominently represented in the Loriene Roy sub-community include, but are not limited to, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and image files (.JPG, .TIFF, .GIF). Most of the materials were created using a Windows operating system (XP or 7). the metadata field "date created" may represent the date of transfer to the office computer rather than the actual date of the file's creation. Material may have been migrated forward from previous versions of Windows or Office.

A note about access:

The following collections are open for public viewing: Loriene Roy Project Documentation, Loriene Roy's Blog, and Loriene Roy's Website. All other material will remain closed for the immediate future.

Collections in this community

  • Loriene Roy Laptop Image [1]

    This collection will contain an image of Dr. Roy's Dell Latitude X1 laptop.

  • Loriene Roy Project Documentation [20]

    Documentation created by Carly Dearborn, Wendy Hagenmaier, Annie Sollinger, and Sarah Sundbeck while processing and preserving Loriene Roy's born-digital materials for INF392K, Digital Archiving and Preservation, in Spring 2012.

  • Loriene Roy's Blog [1]

    This collection contains the results of a web crawl of Dr. Loriene Roy's blog as it appeared in April 2012.

  • Loriene Roy's Email Corpus [1]

    This collection will contain Dr. Roy's email corpus.

  • Loriene Roy's Website [1]

    This collection contains the results of a web crawl of Dr. Loriene Roy's faculty website as it appeared in April 2012.

Sub-communities within this community

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