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This collection contains viewable copies of intellectual property (IP) documentation generated while archiving ANAGPIC materials and all other items created and/or modified in the process of preparing items for and ingesting them into DSpace. Intellectual property items include student intellectual property agreements (also know as SIPs, or submission agreements) and copyright agreements, both signed and unsigned. In most cases, the papers’ authors completed and signed the copyright agreements. However, some institutions hold copyright for papers and representatives from those institutions completed and signed the copyright forms. All signed SIPs were signed by paper authors.

While preparing for the inclusion of items into DSpace, the project team created journals to explain metadata, storage, and formatting decisions made during the process. Metadata spreadsheets contain information used when completing Dspace’s Information about this Collection form. The report culminated in a Microsoft Power Point presentation and final project report that further explained and elaborated on decisions made during the semester-long process and contains recommendations for future project members.


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