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Willis Bernard Lukenbill was born March 27, 1939 in Mount Sylvan, Texas. He began his higher education at Tyler Junior College, where he received an A.A. in History and Education in 1959. He followed this degree with a B.S. in Ed., concentrating on Education and History, from the University of North Texas State in 1961. He continued at Oklahoma University, where he received an M.L.S. in 1964. He earned his Ph.D. in Library Science with an Instructional Systems Technology minor from Indiana University in 1973. His library career began when he worked as a librarian at Seguin High School, Seguin, Texas. He followed this working as a reference librarian at Austin College Library in Sherman, Texas and then as an instructor of school library media center management in the College of Education at Louisiana Tech University. He then served as Assistant Professor and coordinator in the undergraduate school library certification program in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. He began teaching in the University of Texas Graduate School of Library Science in 1977, and retired from the School of Information in 2010. Dr. Lukenbill's research interests center on children's and adolescent literature and media, communication theory, sociology of information, censorship and health resources in libraries, and media-center administration and management. He has written extensively and has lectured widely at national and international conferences, such as the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL), and the Texas Library Association (TLA), among others. His books include AIDS and HIV Programs and Services for Libraries (1994), Collection Development for a New Century in the School Library Media Center (2002), Community Resources in the School Library Media Center (2004), Biography in the Lives of Youth: Culture, Society, and Information (2006), and he collaborated with fellow School of Information professor Barbara Immroth on Health Information for Youth: The Public Library and the School Library Media Center Role (2007).

The W. Bernard Lukenbill Community documents Dr. Lukenbill's career as a library science professor, principally his work as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin School of Information. Materials in the community were generated by Dr. Lukenbill in planning coursework, research, and various professional activities including work on graduate committees and presentations. The files in DSpace were retrieved from one USB drive and one zip disk. These items are are held in various formats, including WordPerfect, WordPad, Microsoft Office Word, and PowerPoint. The dates of the files are unclear due to multiple migrations, but they continue up to the present. As such, some dates given to items may have been created earlier, but the older date was lost in the course of Dr. Lukenbill's personal migrations. Collections include Documentation, Committees, Courses, Presentations, and Research and Writing. The Documentation collection contains the Submission Information Package (SIP) Agreement, the final report and presentation, images of the original items, and documentation of the imaging and mounting process. The Committees collection holds materials pertaining to the various committees in which Dr. Lukenbill served in the School of Information. The Courses collection holds items generated by Dr. Lukenbill in teaching the following classes: Information Resources and Services (INF 382L), Introduction to Information Resources and Services (INF 382D), Introduction to Research in Information Studies (INF 397C), Materials for Young Adults (INF 382F), and Planning and Management of Programs for Children and Young Adults (INF 388D). The Presentations collection consists of materials used for talks given at various professional organizations or workshops. The Research and Writings collection has book proposals, published and unpublished works, and related items generated in the writing process.

Sub-communities within this community

  • Lukenbill Courses [9]

    Documents related to the scheduled instruction of graduate education coursework in the School of Information (iSchool), including PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word document files, WordPerfect document files, and images.

  • Lukenbill Faculty Committees [26]

    Contains records related to Professor Lukenbill's participation on faculty committees in the School of Information (iSchool).

  • Lukenbill Presentations [35]

    Powerpoint slides and associated images or handouts developed for presentations to peers outside the School of Information.

  • Lukenbill Research and Writing [35]

    Published and unpublished manuscripts, articles, and research materials related to professional research and writing.

  • W. Bernard (Bill) Lukenbill Collection Documentation [17]

    Documentation created by iSchool students Kathryn Brooks, Alexandra Myers, and Jessica Wood while working on the DSpace collection for Professor Lukenbill, INF 392K, Spring 2010.


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