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This community contains material associated with The Cochineal, an online forum for student work conducted at the Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record. The Cochineal was created in 2004 to assist exploration by current and future students in the field of preservation and conservation so that their contributions to the literature would be unique and useful. The Cochineal is currently comprised of student papers and an annual electronic newsletter. While the student papers come from a wealth of coursework conducted at the School of Information, the majority of them are from research conducted during the course, Technology and Structure.

The Cochineal does not have an editorial review process; it is expected that authors of the papers will represent themselves and The Cochineal well by proofreading their own work. Student papers are available on The Cochineal's web site in three formats: as cross-platform PDF files, as html files, and as text files. The purpose of the annual electronic newsletter is to inform current conservation and preservation students and alumni, the School of Information, and members of the Preservation and Conservation communities of the best and most timely student research, projects, and news at the Center. Each year, works from The Cochineal are selected for publication in the newsletter.

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