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Title: Technical Metadata Set: Environmental support of digital objects
Authors: Esteva, Maria
Keywords: preservation metadata, technical metadata
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2003
Abstract: This website addresses preservation metadata. According to the OCLC/RLG Preservation Metadata Working Group, "preservation metadata is intended to support and facilitate the long-term retention of digital information." Among the elements contained on a Preservation Metadata Set, those that allow the recording of the technical environment in which a digital object can be accessed and preserved over time comprise a subset called technical metadata. This technical metadata sub-set describes: the software and hardware environments needed to display or access the current instantiation of the original digital object the technical elements involved in the transformation processes that the instantiations of digital objects go through in order to be accessed, displayed and preserved over time
Description: Twenty files constituting the Preservation Metadata Subdomain Expert Portoflio website prepared as an assignment for the class "Lifecycle Metadata for Digital Objects," taught by Dr. Patricia Galloway at the School of Information, University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2002.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1721.1/12
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Files in This Item:

File Description SizeFormat
aproveddtd.xslPreservation DTD2 kBXMLView/Open
bibliography.htmBibliography16.19 kBHTMLView/Open
databasemarkup.xslMetadata sample for a database2.43 kBXMLView/Open
definite preservation set.htmElement set for a Preservation DTD72.87 kBHTMLView/Open
definitions.htmElement set definitions91.15 kBHTMLView/Open
fourmarks.htmPage with examples of marks up of different digital objects2.97 kBHTMLView/Open
index.htmlTitle page8.72 kBHTMLView/Open
long paper.docEssay on Technical Metadata71.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
markuptec.HTMXML mark up of a text document11.37 kBHTMLView/Open
metadataxmlmarkup.htmXML metadata and markup of a text document20.4 kBHTMLView/Open
multipurposedtd.htmDTD for a records continuum61.18 kBHTMLView/Open
photomarkup.xslExample of XML markup of a photograph2.67 kBXMLView/Open
PM.htmTechnical environment and initial elements for preservation management34.63 kBHTMLView/Open
Preservation Metadata.pptPresentation about a preservation metadata set60 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
preservation.text XML markup.htmmarkup text with preservation metadata included28.27 kBHTMLView/Open
preservationdtd.htmlPreservation DTD25.02 kBHTMLView/Open
techdtd.htmTechnical Preservation DTD15.01 kBHTMLView/Open
technicalmd.htmPreservation Metadata: Technical Environment24.96 kBHTMLView/Open
technicalmetadata.DTDTechnical Environment DTD in XTML3.11 kBXMLView/Open
websitemarkup.xslMarked up Web-site1.93 kBXMLView/Open

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