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Introduction to WebSpace

Getting Started

Uploading and Downloading Files in a Browser

Uploading and Downloading with WebDav

Accessing WebSpace File Features

Sharing Files


Other File Features

Publishing Web Pages

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Other File Features

Comments: You may add comments or notes to your files.

Locks: A lock prevents other users from editing your file or directory, even if they have access to the file. To lock or unlock a file or directory from the Information table, select "locks" and then "Lock this resource" on the next screen. This feature is also available through the lock icon. Simply click to lock or unlock.

Versions: When turned on, versioning will keep backup copies of each version of a file. This feature is very helpful when working with a file that is edited multiple times, or by multiple people.

Event Logging: When turned on, event logging keeps a record of who has accessed a file and when.

Properties: Properties tells you basic information about the file or directory (date created, file size, etc.). Most importantly, this is where you can find the address of your file.


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