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Sharing Files

Sharing files:

You may share your files with selected individuals, people within the UT community, or to the public at large through WebSpace.

There are different ways to share files, including change the "sharing" feature on the file or directory, issuing "tickets" to the file or directory, and publishing the file or directory online. Each of these methods provides different levels of security.

The sharing feature is found either in the information screen or through the share icons.

shared to everyone
shared to some
not shared

These variations of the hand icon indicate the current share status of your file.

Click in the icon to see detailed information and to make changes. You will see a table like the following:

To change broad categories of who may read, write, delete, or administer your files, click "change" and alter the permissions:

You might want to check the share status of your root directory as well. Go to the share icon following "Directory:/your_UTEID" just under the toolbar. This icon governs your overall directory permissions. You will see the same table, with additional options for the scope of the changes.

To change the permissions for only selected individuals, use the "add user/group" or "remove user/group" feature to allow a particular classmate or group access to your file. You may either use the individual's UT EID or their name ("display name") to identify them.

Now the selected individual should be able to access the file through an Internet browser, using the URL for the file. The browser should prompt the individual to enter their UTEID and password.

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