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Using Filters

Often we receive more messages a day than we know what to do with.  This can become even more difficult when one considers combining different email address and adding RSS feeds.  One way of lessening the cognitive load is creating filters.  Filters can be set up to automatically categorize email messages; due to this categorization, different actions may be taken.  For example, most School of Information students are a member of a several email listservs, SASI being the most prominent and the most voluminous.  Fortunately, all of the emails from the SASI listserv (the Insider) begin with “[THE-INSIDER”.  

We can use this common tag to filter them down to a more cognitively acceptable level.  First go to tools then message filters and then select your iSchool account. 

Then you should select “New…” and name your filter “The Insider”.  For your filter select “Subject” “begins with” “[THE-INSIDER” under “Perform these actions:”

Do not click OK yet first you need to make a new folder.  Click on “New Folder…” to create a new folder under your iSchool account.  Call this folder “Insider” and move all messages that fit the aforementioned criteria to the “Insider” folder.

Run the Filter now.

Filtering has the ability to massively change the way that you use email.

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