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Adding Accounts to Thunderbird

Many of you may have multiple email accounts. Thunderbird makes it easy to bring many email accounts into the same email client. As iSchool students, you are eligible for both an iSchool email account, as well as a utexas account.

To sign up for an iSchool account, go to or stop by the IT lab. To get a University of Texas ( email account, go to Once you have another email account and want to add it to Thunderbird, you must go to the file menu, select new, and then account.

This brings up the account Wizard that was accessed the first time you launched Thunderbird. Notice that from here you may add accounts for Email, RSS News and Blogs, or Newsgroups. Choose to add an email account. This is done much like before. Input your name, email address, and email server (ie, The difference now is that it is not necessary to input an SMTP server; it uses your original account's server (

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