Using SSH Transfer Client (v. 3.2)
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Setting Up your public_html folder

Your public_html folder is the folder in which you need to store all of the content you want to be accessible by others online. For instance, if you have an html webpage with pictures, you need to upload the html file as well as the images themselves. These files, if you want others to be able to access them online, need to reside in your public_html folder.

Step 1:
While logged in to the School of Information server (in the SSH transfer client remote view), click the "New Folder" button. In the window, type in the folder's name. In this case, we want to create a folder called "public_html". Make sure "public_html" is all is all lowercase.

Creating the public_html folder

Step 2:
If you want to create subfolders within the public_html folder (or any folder, for that matter), double click on it to display its contents and then create a new folder in the same fashion as above. *This means that you have to be inside a folder to create a subfolder within that folder*. To create a folder called "images" within our public_html folder, it's easiest to click the "Show/Hide Additional Folders" button, select the public_html folder and then click the "New Folder" button. In the contents area of the public_html folder (which should be empty at this point, since you've just created it), type in the name of the new folder you want to create. Like so:

Making subfolders

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