Using SSH Transfer Client (v. 3.2)
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Preliminary Information

SSH Transfer Client is available for free for current UT faculty, students, and staff on the Bevoware website. For persons not affiliated with UT, SSH Transfer Client is available for free on the SSH website (choose SSH Client for Workstations). For more downloading information, please watch the tutorial available in Logging On.

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  • Learn to use SSH Transfer Client version 3.2
  • Upload and download files from local machine to the School of Information server
  • Create public_html directory
  • Understand file/directory access permissions


  • SSH: Secure Shell Client (currently version 3.2) provides secure connection between server (remote host) and client (local) where all information is encrypted (via the SSH protocol) and not transmitted in clear text (as non-secure FTP does)
  • SSH Transfer Client: Secure Shell Client file transfer program (FTP) used to move files between local and remote computers/servers using the encrypted SSH protocol.
  • Bevoware: UT provides free software that "you need to protect your computer from viruses, improve the security of your connections, browse the Web, read and send e-mail, use the campus printing system and more" *You need your UT EID and password to use this service*
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol, used by file transfer programs such as WS-FTP (for PC) and Fetch (for Macs). SSH uses the SSH protocol which encrypts all data during transmission.
  • public_html: A directory folder in which you will store all files that are intended to be accessible by others over the Web.

What is SSH and why do we use it?:

  • SSH is not only an FTP-type utility that allows you to move files; it also provides a way (via the SSH UNIX terminal) to remotely login and gain access to your account on the server at the School of Information.
  • UNIX is a versatile and powerful operating system (Windows, for example, is an operating system, as is Mac OSX) that can run on many different hardware platforms. Much of what goes on "behind the scenes" on the Internet is run via a UNIX operating system…it will benefit you immensely if you understand how it works.
  • At the School of Information we (and you) will use SSH and UNIX to manage your files on your server space and to gain access to your account. At the iSchool all students get 150MB of storage space and 100MB of email space.
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