Using SSH Transfer Client (v. 3.2)
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Changing Access Permissions

If that was confusing to you, then this should calm you down. There are recommended access permissions for your public_html folder and the files within that folder (i.e. your webpages and online images).

Step 1:
Changing your access permissions with SSH Transfer Client is very easy. Simply select (by clicking on it with your mouse) the file/folder whose permissions you want to change and then right-click your mouse. A dialog box will pop up...scroll down to and select "Properties". *You may also notice that when you right-click a folder or a file you have the option to delete careful because SSH is based on UNIX and in UNIX environments once you delete something it is gone...permanently...there is no "recycle bin" here. Also, to delete a folder, you must empty its contents first...that means you must delete everything in it before you can actually delete the folder itself.* After selecting "Properties" you should get this window:

Properties Window

Either by typing the number in the "Permission mode" field or by clicking the approriate boxes, you should have a numerical value of 755 for your public_html folder and hit "OK". You should only have to do this once...unless you change it again. To change the access permissions of files...repeat the process by clicking on the appropriate file(s). As a general rule the files within your public_html folder should have a numerical value of 644. This gives you, the owner, read and write permissions, gives group read permission, and gives other read permission as well. If the file is an executable, you may need to give group and other permission values of 5 for your files. If you don't want anyone to have any kind of access to your files/folders (whichever and where ever they may be) give group and other access permissions of 0.

If you ever have trouble viewing your webpages yourself a little headache and CHECK THE ACCESS PERMISSIONS FIRST. This should be the first step in the trouble-shooting process.

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