Using SSH Transfer Client (v. 3.2)
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Logging On to the iSchool server with SSH

The first thing to do (after you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer) is to log on to the iSchool server with SSH Secure File Transfer Client

Step 1:
On your PC desktop, there will be two SSH icons. If they are not there...go to the "start" menu on the PC desktop, select "All Programs" and look for "SSH Communications". One icon will be white (this is the SSH remote login terminal) and one icon will be yellow (the yellow icon is the file transfer client). FYI...the white icon is how you initiate a UNIX session on the iSchool server. Don't worry about that for now...that's a whole new ball of wax.

ssh transfer client icon                                            

Double-click the transfer client to open the application.

Step 2:
You will be presented with a window like this:

Step 3:
Press "Enter/Return", hit the space bar, or Click on the "Quick Connect" button.

Step 4:
A new window will appear in which you must enter the host name and your username. The hostname for the ftp server at the iSchool is Enter your username and click "OK". It will now prompt you for your password. Enter that and click "OK" again. After a few moments (depending on your connection speed) you should be logged in to the ftp server and you're now ready to move files back and forth.

*Please note that usernames and passwords for iSchool user accounts are different from your UT EID or any other password(s) you may have at UT. Also note that if you forget your password, it will take us at least two days to reset it. You must come into the iSchool IT Lab in person and fill out a "Password Reset Form"…just ask one of the friendly purple shirts!*

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