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Download, Install and Run Spybot

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Download, Install, and Run Spybot

Download and Install Spybot 1.3

Spybot is available from UT BevoWare. Because it is a freeware program, Spybot Search and Destroy is also available for download from multiple sources on the World Wide Web.

The Windows operating systems support Spybot Search and Destroy (some functions of Spybot may require administrator rights in Windows NT and Windows 2000). Spybot cannot be used with Mac or Unix/Linux systems.

Once you have downloaded Spybot to your hard drive, open the program to begin the set up process. Spybot’s Setup Wizard will guide you through the license agreement, desktop icon preference, etc.

Running a Spybot Scan

The Spybot Search and Destroy interface is easy to use and the tools are well explained. You can find additional help, including a tutorial within the Help menu. This tutorial will address present use of the default mode of Spybot; an advanced mode is also available for use if you wish.

This is the main page of Spybot; from here you can check for problems and fix selected problems. The Recovery page keeps backups of problems Spybot fixed. You may wish to reinstall certain items if their removal was problematic. Spybot provides an “immunization” option to prevent spyware attacks. The “browser helper” blocks unwanted downloads through Internet Explorer. Download and install the latest protection updates from Spybot for the most effective defense against Spyware.

After running a scan, you will be presented with a list of spyware found on your computer. By highlighting an entry and clicking on the arrowed bar to the far right, you can find more information about the detected spyware.

After selecting items for removal, click "Fix selected problems."* Spybot will keep a backup of all removed spyware that may be found on the Recovery page. From here, you may choose to permanently purge items or recover them. You might find it useful to recover certain items if their removal has affected the desired functionality of an application; some Internet applications may work more efficiently when cookies are installed.

It is good idea to run Spybot once a week. Depending on the level of your Web surfing, you might want to perform scans more or less frequently.

*You might find that an item called "DSO-Exploit" will return each time you run Spybot, even if you fixed and purged it. This is a common occurrence as DSO-Exploit is a security gap in Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express. Microsoft closed this gap with security updates. Please be sure that you have all the current Windows updates and patches installed. With the updates and patches, this security gap will not be a threat to your computer, even though Spybot will still detect it. A future program update of Spybot will fix this bug.


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