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Changing your voicemail message

Now that you have your temporary password, you can change your voicemail greeting, and your password as well. If you like the message SmartVoice created for you, you can skip this step.

Step 1:
Dial the SmartVoice access number: 232-1000.

Step 2:
Enter the last five digits of your phone number and press #.

Step 3:
Enter your temporary password.

Step 4:
Follow the directions of the Telephone Setup Wizard to record a greeting, your name, and change your password. After you change your password, you will be asked to enter your old password. Here you will use your temporary password for the last time.

Step 5:
Now you will need to enable your greeting and name.
Greeting: Press 82 (for Greetings), then 1 (External Greetings), then 3 (to Enable).
Spoken Name: Press 89 (for Spoken Name), then 3 (to Enable).

That's it! In the next section, we will learn how to check our voicemail.

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