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Naming Files

File URL

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Your File URL

To make all the files viewable by the browsers, you must transfer them to the public_html directory first. Then, what is the URL for a particular file in your public_html directory? Let’s use Figure 7 as an example to explain the file address:

  • The URL for your homepage (index.html) under public_html folder will be
  • The URL for your resume page (index.html) under resume sub-directory will be
  • The URL for your projects page (index.html) under projects sub-directory will be

    You will have several files called index.html. Be careful not to mix them up and overwrite one with the other.
  • The URL for any file in the sub-directory within public_html directory will be For example, if you uploaded a picture called flower.jpg into images folder, the URL will be; same as the files in your resume sub-directory. The URL for the file resume.pdf will be
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