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Naming Files

Cheat Sheet

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Cheat Sheet

Confused again? Remember the following:

  • Webpages are a series of independent files put together by a web browser.
  • A web browser puts the files together by reading commands from HTML files.
  • HTML files are simple text files with commands telling the browser how to organize text and image files in a page.
  • You need to have a main folder (your public_html folder) for HTML files.
  • Inside that folder, you need an images folder for your GIFs and JPEGs .
  • To link to the folders from the main folder the relative link should read "foldername/filename."
  • To link outside the main folder (to "get out"), your links should read "../filename.htm."
  • Each "../" indicates one level back in the folder structure.

The URL for any file in the sub-directory within your public_html directory will be

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