So far we have created everything we need: we have our homepage, images folder, resume sub-directory and project sub-directory. In resume sub-directory, we have three formats of our resume. In project sub-directory, we have our project homepage. All these files are located on the desktop right now. Then we will transfer all these file to our web server and find out what is the URL for each of our webpage.
Lets open up SSH Secure File Transfer Client. If you dont know how to transfer your files into the web server, please reference our tutorials on SSH or Fugu to learn how to transfer your files to the Web server.

When you log in your web server, as I said before: this public_html folder should be created by yourself. Then we will transfer all our web files into this folder. So click on it, and in this window, we can find all our files on local machine. We have images folder that we need to transfer to the public_html folder. We also need to transfer resume sub-directory, project sub-directory and index.html file. You can choose all these folders once and drag them to the web server. Right now, we have all our files transferred into the web server under public_html folder.
Then you probably want to find out what is the URL for each of your webpage. Lets open up a browser and will find out the URL for our homepage under public_html folder first.

E The URL for your homepage (index.html) under public_html folder will be Here is the homepage we created

E The URL for your resume page (resume.html) under resume sub-directory will be name)/resume.html(filename) .

Actually, we can also check the link from homepage, because we already made links from homepage to resume page. If you click on link to resume page on homepage, it shows the URL of resume page, which is the same as we found out.

E The URL for your projects page (index.html) under projects sub-directory will be
E The URL for any file in the sub-directory within public_html directory will be

Lets check web server, in images folder, remember, we have two pictures: one is flower.jpg and one is rose.jpg. If I want to view those pictures from a browser, lets open up a browser, the URL for one of the pictures should be So the URL for any file in a sub-directory within public_html folder just like I said: right after our username, it should be sub-directory name and our file name.