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Introduction to Pine

Part One

This tutorial has been designed for students at the University of Texas School of Information. Anyone may use this tutorial, however, but you will need to provide a proper hostname to enter a non-UT School of Information server.

Pine is a secure, command prompt mail program that is easy to learn and manage. To start Pine, you first have to open and log into a Secure Shell session. From your 'START' menu, navigate to your programs menu, then to the 'SSH Secure Shell' prompt, then click 'Secure Shell Client,' NOT 'Secure Shell Transfer Client.' Now, login to Secure Shell using, your username, and your password.
After you complete the login process and receive the dollar sign prompt, just type "pine" and press return.

The bottom two lines of any Pine screen lists commands you may execute. The commands are preceded by a highlighted letter or symbol. To execute commands, you should press the highlighted letter (on the keyboard). The commands for getting help and going back to the main menu are always present. We are at the main menu so you do not see a main menu key. Some of the command letters are preceded by an upside down "v", which is accessed by the Control symbol. This means that you must press the Ctrl key and the highlighted letter in conjunction to execute the command.

Always look at the commands available at the bottom of the screen. They will vary from place to place and indicate what functions you can perform at each point.

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