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Layouts, Text, and Slides

This section describes how to apply a layout; insert, format, and delete text; and insert and delete slides.

To apply a layout to your new slide :

  • Scroll through the available layouts in the "Layouts" task pane on the right side of the Impress window.

  • Click on the layout you would like to apply to your slides.

  • NOTE: You may change the layout of all or some of your slides at any point while working on your presentation.

  • To apply a layout to only certain slides-highlight the slides you would like to change in the left slide pane by holding down the control key and clicking on the desired slides. Choose a layout from the "Layouts" panel.

  • To select all slides-click in the left slides pane, and hold down the control key and "A". This function will select all slides; then choose the desired layout.

To insert and format text in a slide :

  • If you have selected a layout with a text box included, click on the text that says "Click to add an outline," and begin typing your text. The layout will automatically format your text.

  • You can add additional text boxes by clicking on the text box icon located on the bottom tool bar. Place the cursor inside the presentation and create a rectancle text box. Click inside the box and begin typing your text.

  • You can add artistic text by clicking on the Fontwork icon. This option is similar to Microsoft's WordArt.

  • The Fontwork Gallery will open. Click on you preferred text format and click OK.

  • The font art will be inserted into your presentation with the word "Fontwork" spelled out. Double click on the text and a small, editable version of the word "Fontwork" will appear in front of the larger word. Type your text over the small, editable text.

  • You may use the formatting toolbar at the top of the Impress window to apply various formats to selected text. You may notice this toolbar is similiar to the ones used in Microsoft products.

  • When you are finished entering text, click outside the placeholder on some "empty space."

  To delete text :

  • Option #1 : Highlight the text you want to delete by dragging the cursor over the letters, and press the delete key.

  • Option #2 : Click on the selection rectangle around the text so that its border changes from hatch marks to dots, and then press the delete key

To insert a new slide :

  • Option #1 : Go to Insert-> Slide. A blank slide will appear in the workspace, positioned after the selected slide or slide you were viewing.

  • Option #2 : Click on the "Slide" button on the formatting toolbar at the top of the Impress window.

  • Option #3 : On the Slides pane (on the left), position your cursor to the point in the presentation where you would like the new slide to appear (i.e. between slides, at the beginning of the presentation, or at the end of the presentation). Right click, and choose "New slide."

To delete a slide :

  • Option #1: Go to Edit->Delete Slide. The current slide will disappear from the workspace.

  • Option #2 : On the Slides pane (off to the left), click on the slide you would like to delete, and then hit the <Delete> key.


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