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Custom or Empty Presentation

  • This tutorial will concentrates on the Empty Presentation option.

  • At window 1 of the Auto Pilot, select Empty Presentation and click Next.

  • At window 2, leave the default settings at <original> and screen as output medium. There are two template designs that you can choose from, however for this tutorial will create a custom background. Click Next.

  • Window 3 will give you options for setting transition effects, speed and timing. You can set these options now, however they can be changed at a later time. Click on the Effect drop down menu and choose an appropriate transition. The preview window will show how the transition will appear. The speed of the transition can be adjusted under the Speed drop down menu.


  • Design Tip - Choose your transitions and effects judiciously. While they can add to a presentation's appeal, they can also detract from the message that you are presenting. Do not mix too many transitions or effects on one slide. Consider the presentation's audience, tone, and message when choosing transitions. Transitions such as Venetian Blinds or Checkboard are more playful, while a simple fade-out transition is more serious.

  • Select how the presentation will be timed through the Select presentation type options. If you choose Default, the speed of the slide show will be controlled by the presenter during the presentation.

  • To set automatic timings for movement from one slide to the next, choose Automatic. Enter the desired timing for each slide after Duration of page. The slideshow will loop continuosly if Automatic is chosen. The automatic settings can always be overridden during the presentation by clicking on the space bar. The pause between the end of the slideshow and the start of the next showing is adjusted through Duration of pause.

  • Click Create to open your new slideshow layout.

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