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Navigating in OmniGraffle

Creating a new diagram

Adding text

Changing the background color

Changing stencil colors

Adding a hyperlink

Using your OmniGraffle diagram

Other types of OmniGraffle Drawings

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Changing the background color

Step 1:

From the menu at the top of the screen, click on “View,” then “Show Utility Drawer.” The utility drawer will open to the left of your document. (Figure 7A). You can hide the utility drawer by going back to “View” and selecting “Hide Utility Drawer.” The Utilities icon will do the same thing (Figure7).

Step 2:

Select “Layers” at the top of the Utility Drawer (Figure 7B).

Step 3:

Click on the box next to the word “Background” (Figure 7C). This will open a new window (Figure 7D).

Step 4:

Select a color. Note that if you click the icons along the top of the Colors palette you will have different ways to select colors, including a color wheel, color sliders, color palettes, image palettes and crayons.

Figure 7

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