Introduction to OmniGraffle 4
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Navigating in OmniGraffle

Creating a new diagram

Adding text

Changing the background color

Changing stencil colors

Adding a hyperlink

Using your OmniGraffle diagram

Other types of OmniGraffle Drawings

Additional Resources

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Adding a hyperlink

Step 1:

Select the Stencil you would like to have linked.
Step 2:
Select the “Actions” icon on the Properties inspector (Figure 9A).
Step 3:
Choose “opens a URL” from the dropdown menu (Figure 9B).

Figure 9

Step 4:
Type in the URL (Figure 10A) you would like to link to and you’re done. Your linked Stencil now has a lightning bolt on it (Figure 10B). Click on the lightning bolt to go to the webpage.

Figure 10

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