Now that we're familiar with the interface, let's start drawing. Select a stencil from the Stencils palette, and drag it to your document. Then select a second stencil from the Stencils palette, and drag it to your document as well. To connect your stencils, select the line tool. Note that the default line is curved, you will probably want to click on the arrow to select a straight line. Once you've selected your line style, click (and continue to hold down the mouse button) on your first stencil (notice that it glows blue), drag your cursor to the second stencil until it also glows blue, then release the mouse button. These two stencils are now linked. You can move them around and the line will move as necessary to maintain the connection. You may have noticed that you have choices on your type of connector. If you select the line you've just drawn, note that the style "lines and shapes" inspector has given you some new options. Feel free to change the style of your connectors. Continue adding stencils and connecting them until you have enough to include all of the steps in the business process being outlined. I'm doing a ten-step process.