Intro to Mozilla Navigator
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Intro to Mozilla Navigator

Download and Installation

Browsing with Mozilla

Tabbed Browsing
1: Opening and Closing Tabs
2: Setting Tab Preferences

Creating Bookmarks
1: Organizing Bookmarks
2: Groupmarking Tabs
3: Managing Bookmarks with Keywords

Popup Windows
1: Blocking Popup Windows
2: Allowing Popups for Trusted Sites

Cookie Manager
1: Enabling and Disabling Cookies
2: Viewing and Removing Cookies
3: Allowing Cookies by Site

1: Applying a New Theme
2: Get New Themes

1: Opening and Closing the Sidebar
2: Adding Sidebar Tabs

Profile Manager

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Applying a New Theme

  1. Open the Edit Menu at the top of your browser and choose Preferences.
  2. On the Preferences menu, double-click on Appearance  to open a new list of options.  Then select Themes.
  3. When the Themes menu opens, you'll see a list of themes.  Notice that by default, there are only two themes to choose from: Classic and Modern.  Mozilla will be set to Classic unless you tell it otherwise.  But if you've downloaded any other themes, they should also appear on this list. 
  4. Select a Theme and Mozilla will open a preview image below.  If you like the way it looks, click OK.

  1. You must Close out of Mozilla altogether and restart the application for the new Theme to take effect.

Applying Themes - The Shortcut

  • From the main browser window, open the View Menu.
  • Scroll down the list to Apply Theme.  A new drop-down menu will appear.  Select a Theme from the list.

  • Remember you must Close Mozilla and restart the application to apply your new theme.

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