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Intro to Mozilla Navigator

Download and Installation

Browsing with Mozilla

Tabbed Browsing
1: Opening and Closing Tabs
2: Setting Tab Preferences

Creating Bookmarks
1: Organizing Bookmarks
2: Groupmarking Tabs
3: Managing Bookmarks with Keywords

Popup Windows
1: Blocking Popup Windows
2: Allowing Popups for Trusted Sites

Cookie Manager
1: Enabling and Disabling Cookies
2: Viewing and Removing Cookies
3: Allowing Cookies by Site

1: Applying a New Theme
2: Get New Themes

1: Opening and Closing the Sidebar
2: Adding Sidebar Tabs

Profile Manager

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Download and Installation

You can download Mozilla for free at  Scroll down to the list of "Other Mozilla Software" on the bottom left side of the page and click on the link for the latest version of Mozilla.  As of Spring 2005, the current release is version 1.7.5.

You'll be asked to choose your platform: Linux, Mac, or Windows.  Go ahead and look at the system requirements, if you wish, to verify that your system is ready for Mozilla.  In this tutorial, we'll cover the download and installation process for PC's with Windows.  Follow Mozilla's download link for Macs, and you'll find a similar set of instructions to guide you through the process.

When you click on the Windows download link, you'll be asked to either Save or Run the download file.  You'll want to Save the installer file to a destination folder you can find your way back to, such as the Desktop.

Windows will notify you once the download is complete.

Double-click the Mozilla installer file on your desktop, and Mozilla will walk you through a simple set-up process.

  1. First, you'll be asked to make sure you've Exited any other programs Windows may be running.

  2. Next, you'll be prompted to Read and Accept Mozilla's public license.

  3. Now you'll be asked what type of installation you'd prefer:  Browser Only, Complete, or Custom.  In this tutorial, we'll concern ourselves with the browser, but you may want to go ahead and install the Complete version of the Mozilla Suite now, so that you will be ready to explore Mozilla Mail and Mozilla Composer (and our other tutorials), once you've mastered the browser.

  4. On the next screen, select Quick Launch for faster startup times in the future.  Click Next, verify your installation settings, and click Install.

  5. After the installation, you can choose to make Mozilla your default browser.  Whether it's yes or no, you can always change your mind later.

  6. Now the browser window will open for the first time.  You'll be directed to the Mozilla homepage....Welcome to Mozilla Navigator!

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