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Intro to Mozilla Navigator

Download and Installation

Browsing with Mozilla

Tabbed Browsing
1: Opening and Closing Tabs
2: Setting Tab Preferences

Creating Bookmarks
1: Organizing Bookmarks
2: Groupmarking Tabs
3: Managing Bookmarks with Keywords

Popup Windows
1: Blocking Popup Windows
2: Allowing Popups for Trusted Sites

Cookie Manager
1: Enabling and Disabling Cookies
2: Viewing and Removing Cookies
3: Allowing Cookies by SIte

1: Applying a New Theme
2: Get New Themes

1: Opening and Closing the Sidebar
2: Adding Sidebar Tabs

Profile Manager

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Groupmarking Tabs

The Groupmarking feature allows you to save an entire series of links, as many as you like, under a single name.  Think about it-all the surfing you've done for the past several hours located in the same place.   Bookmark them as a batch.  Then load them back up with a click of the mouse the next time you're online.  And, you can do it quickly-right before you close out.

Now let's assume that you have a series of tabs open.

To Groupmark your Tabs:

  1. Open the Bookmarks menu at top and select Bookmark This Group of Tabs. 

  1. The File Bookmark menu will open.
  2. Type a Name for the group of tabs.

  1. Choose a Destination Folder, if you like, or create a New Folder.
  2. Click OK.

Now a single Bookmark holds the place for multiple web pages.

To Reload Your Groupmarked Tabs:

  1. Open the Bookmarks menu.
  2. Scroll down the list of Bookmarks until you see the name you assigned your new Groupmark.  Select your Groupmark.

  1. All of your tabs will reload, fanning out across the Tab Bar just the way you left them.


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