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Themes and Extensions

Since Firefox’s code is open source, a number of people in Firefox’s community have developed and shared additional themes and extensions to Firefox. Themes are used to give the browser a different appearance and look. Extensions have been developed to add new features and functionality to Firefox. Let’s take a look at how to download an extension to Firefox. In this example, we’ll download an RSS reader that provides more information then just headlines.

Note: Downloading for themes is very similar to downloading for extensions. Select themes rather than extensions in this first step.

First, click on the Tool menu and select extensions.

This will bring up a list of extensions that you currently have installed in Firefox. Right now this should be empty. Click on the Get More Extensions link in the bottom right corner of the Extensions Manager and it will take you to Mozilla Update, which has a database of various extensions for Firefox and other Mozilla products.

From here you have a number of different extensions to choose from for Firefox. In this case, we’re going to select the Whiz RSS News Reader as the extension we are going to install.

Selecting an extension takes you to the download page, where you’re provided more information about the extension, its file size, what versions of Firefox it will work with, and more.

There should be an Install Now button on the page that you select to begin installation of the extension.

Following installation of the extension, the Extension Menu will be brought to the front of the screen or reopened if you had closed it earlier.

The Extension Manager will prompt you that the extension will not work until you restart the application. To restart the application, you will need to close all windows for Firefox and then reopen it. Then your extensions should work. Congratulations, you’ve installed an extension!

You’ve reached the end of this tutorial and now should know more about Firefox.

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