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Intro to Mozilla Navigator

Download and Installation

Browsing with Mozilla

Tabbed Browsing
1: Opening and Closing Tabs
2: Setting Tab Preferences

Creating Bookmarks
1: Organizing Bookmarks
2: Groupmarking Tabs
3: Managing Bookmarks with Keywords

Popup Windows
1: Blocking Popup Windows
2: Allowing Popups for Trusted Sites

Cookie Manager
1: Enabling and Disabling Cookies
2: Viewing and Removing Cookies
3: Allowing Cookies by Site

1: Applying a New Theme
2: Get New Themes

1: Opening and Closing the Sidebar
2: Adding Sidebar Tabs

Profile Manager

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Allowing Popups for Trusted Sites

From the Popup Windows menu above, you may also instruct Mozilla to allow popup windows from certain websites.

Some websites, after all, have legitimate reasons for displaying popup windows.  Your bank or your university, for example, may use popup windows to handle password authentication when you're logging into your account.

To view and maintain your list of trusted websites

  1. Select Allowed Sites on the Popup Windows menu.

  1. A list of Allowed Web Sites will open.
  2. To Add a web site to the list of allowed sites, type or paste the web address into the top field.  Click the Add button and your site will appear on the master list.

  1. To Remove a site from your list, scroll down the master list and select the site in question.  Now click the Remove button.  Note that you may also Remove All if you'd like to clear the entire list.
  2. Click OK to apply your settings.

Now Mozilla will only allow those listed sites to display Popups.

Manage Popups on the Fly

Here's a great shortcut. Manage popup settings for a particular site while you're surfing. This is a quick way to make an exception if you feel you've lost too much functionality at a particular site.

  • Open the Tools Menu at top, select Popup Manager.
  • Select Allow Popups From This Site.
  • Selecting Manage Popups zips you right to the Popup Manager we've seen above.

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