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Intro to Firefox

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Importing Preferences

You will want to import your bookmarks, settings, and preferences from your previous browser. To import these items, first click on the File Menu and then click on Import.

After selecting Import, you will be prompted to select which browser you would like to import your information from. Let’s assume that we are importing from Internet Explorer. After selecting the browser, click on the Next button.

You’ll then be prompted by Firefox to select which of the following you would like to import:

  • Internet Options
  • Cookies
  • Browsing History
  • Saved Form History
  • Saved Passwords
  • Favorites (i.e. bookmarks)

The default option in importing is to import all of the above. Once you’ve made your choices on what to import, click on the Next button.


After clicking the Next button, Firefox should begin importing the information from your old browser and will soon tell you that it’s finished. Click on the Finish button to return to browsing with all your old bookmarks and preferences.


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