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Live Bookmarks

Creating bookmarks in Firefox is easy, by either right-clicking on a page or link and selecting choosing to bookmark or Ctrl+D. However, Firefox has something called Live Bookmarks which works with RSS to dynamically create bookmarks based on the information in RSS.

What is RSS? In brief, RSS is a simple XML application that is used for sharing news headlines, titles of blog postings, and other Web content. By using similar user-defined XML elements to contain information about a headline or story’s description, an RSS application can read an RSS file and provide a quick summary of stories provided. By updating the RSS file every time something changes on a page, a website can easily inform users about changes to the site.

Live Bookmarks work by taking the information provided by the RSS feed and converting the information into bookmarks to the Web content. A site that has information distributed by RSS or other feeds that Live Bookmarks works with will be marked by this symbol ( ) that appears in the bottom right of the status bar of Firefox’s browser. For an example of Live Bookmarks, go to the Top Stories at Yahoo News at . To add a Live Bookmark, you click on this symbol and then click on the subscribe to RSS option that appears.

You’ll then be prompted to confirm a name and location for where the bookmark should be located, as seen below:

 Now that we’ve added a Live Bookmark, let’s take a look at the results:

As you can see, the Live Bookmark displays as potential links all the news currently listed at Top Stories at Yahoo. If you were browsing away from Yahoo and wanted to make sure that these were the most current, right click on the name of the Live Bookmark in the bookmark menu. You have the option to refresh, which will cause Firefox to recheck the RSS feed at Yahoo to see if there are any changes.

In this particular case, there is no change in the information, so the Live Bookmark contains the most current information.

You can also add Live Bookmarks manually if you know the location of the RSS file through the Bookmark Manager. To launch the Bookmark Manager, click on the bookmark menu and select Manage Bookmarks.


In the Bookmark Manager, select the File Menu and then New Live Bookmark.

Firefox will then prompt you to enter a name for the new Live Bookmark, the feed location which would be the URL where the feed file is located, and a description of what is offered by the feed.

After entering this information, a new Live Bookmark is added and you can then check the headlines of that feed.

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