Intro to Mozilla Navigator
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Intro to Mozilla Navigator

Download and Installation

Browsing with Mozilla

Tabbed Browsing
1: Opening and Closing Tabs
2: Setting Tab Preferences

Creating Bookmarks
1: Organizing Bookmarks
2: Groupmarking Tabs
3: Managing Bookmarks with Keywords

Popup Windows
1: Blocking Popup Windows
2: Allowing Popups for Trusted Sites

Cookie Manager
1: Enabling and Disabling Cookies
2: Viewing and Removing Cookies
3: Allowing Cookies by Site

1: Applying a New Theme
2: Get New Themes

1: Opening and Closing the Sidebar
2: Adding Sidebar Tabs

Profile Manager

Evaluate this tutorial

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Popup Windows

Now that you have a handle on browsing with Mozilla, let's look at a few ways in which you can manage the quality and security of your browsing experience. 

There they are, wherever you turn.  Ads and special offers, balloons and billboards exploding across your screen.  Just like someone's come along and emptied a waste basket all across your desktop.  After a while, we get used to closing popups or dragging them away, just to finish a sentence in peace.

What if you could just turn them off?

That's what Mozilla lets you do.  Just turn them off.  Block all of them, if you like, or let some of them through if they come from a trusted site.  The choice is yours.

By default, Mozilla will allow popups to open in your browser window.  Let's go into our preferences and change the rules a little bit.


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