Mozilla is a free open source browser with web development capabilities. In this portion of the tutorial we will cover how to download and install Mozilla.
First you need to go to the home page. The URL is http//
Here you will find a bunch of information about Mozilla and its development. We are interested in the information on downloads.
You will probably want to download the latest stable release of Mozilla. Before you get started with the download, be sure to check the system requirements. These are found in the release notes. So click on the release notes link ,then click on the system requirements link. Notice that for Macintosh users, you need Mac OSX or later and at least 36 MB of free hard disk space. For PC users with Windows installed, the download will work with a number of operating systems dating back to Windows 95. You also need at least 26 MB of free hard disk space.
Once you’ve checked on your system requirements, you can continue on the next part of the tutorial in which we will then cover downloading.