Before inserting an image, give yourself some space by hitting the return key on the keyboard a couple of times.

Then, go to the menu item insert -> image This will open the Image Properties window. To use an image that you already have, click on the “choose file” button. Then browse to where your image is saved and select it by clicking on it once. Then click the “open” button. Back in the image properties window, click O.K. If you do not enter text in the “alternate text” field you will get an error suggesting you do this so that a text description will appear while the image is loading, or if images are disabled such as in a text-only browser for accessibility purposes. I recommend that you go ahead and enter an appropriate description in the “alternate text” field. Then click O.K.
To realign your image, use your mouse to click on it so that it is pale blue, then click on one of the alignment buttons.

At this point it’s important to briefly introduce the concept of file management when making web pages. A web page with images in it is actually a collection of files. You have one file that is your web page containing the HTML code. And when you insert an image, you introduce another file, the image file. The image file does not live within your web page, it exists independently. Your web page only contains directions on how to retrieve the image which is usually the file name of the image. These directions are called the relative path. This kind of structure means you need to respect the relative path and be careful to always save your image and your web page in the same location- usually a single folder. If you put them in separate folders, the web page will not be able to find or display the image.
If you have trouble getting your image to display on the web, a good troubleshooting strategy is to check to make sure your web page has the correct relative path to the image. To do this, go to your HTML code, and locate the code that says image source- check the file name in the quotes and make sure the HTML code is referencing the correct file.