On the Mozilla.org home page, go to the Download section
Find the operating system that you are using (either Windows, MacOSX or Linux) and click the link. I am using a windows machine, so I will click the link for Windows.
You will get a warning that you are downloading a file, go ahead and click save. A window will open asking where you want to save the installer file. Choose the desktop and click save.
You will then get a window informing you that the download is complete. Go ahead and click open. A setup wizard will open to walk you through the installation.
Before starting, make sure you have quit out of all other programs, then click next.
Read the license agreement and choose accept
Make sure the radio button for “complete” is selected and that the destination directory is in program files, then click next.
If a window opens asking if you would like to create a directory, click yes.
You don’t need to have quick launch selected, but you can if you think you will be using mozilla a lot as a web browser. I’m going to leave it unchecked and click next.
Leave the box for saving downloaded setup files Unchecked and click next,
The final step is to click Install! Depending on the speed of your connection this may take a while. Once installation is complete, a mozilla browser window will automatically open up.
You can decide if you want mozilla as your default browser, I will click no.
In the rest of the tutorial we will cover how to use Mozilla Composer to create web pages.