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iMovie HD comes loaded with Effects that you can apply to any clip on the timeline.  Some of these effects are relatively sedate and others are outlandish and scary.

In my mind, there are three main classes of Effects:

  • Image Adjusters:  Adjust Colors, Brightness & Contrast, Sharpen, Soft Focus, etc.
  • Aesthetic Overhauls: B/W, Letterbox, Fast/Slow/Reverse, Aged Film, etc.
  • Toys & Games: Earthquake, Electricity, Glass Distortion, Mirror, etc.

Add an Effect:

  • Select your clip on the timeline.
  • Click the “Effects” tab.  The Effects Pane will open, displaying iMovie’s list of Effects.

  • Select an Effect from the list.  iMovie will automatically preview the Effect in the mini Preview Monitor.  Click the Preview key for a full-size Preview in the iMovie Monitor.
  • Adjust the Effect In and Effect Out sliders if you only want to apply the effect to a portion of the clip.
  • Make any other adjustments.  Most Effects have effect-specific sliders.  For example, the Electricity effect allows you to shift the direction of the lightning bolt clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW).
  • To add the Effect, click Apply.
  • iMovie will Render the clip, encoding the frames that make up this transition.  A little red line on the tile marks the progress of this rendering process.


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