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iMovie Safeguards

iMovie HD includes a few essential safeguards to help you protect your work.  Keep the following tools and practices in mind.


No matter how much editing you’ve done, none of it will stick unless you Save your Project.

  • Go to File > Save Project

iMovie will crash or freeze up on occasion, and you’ll lose absolutely everything since your last save.  So save everything and save often.



If you’ve made changes you hate, you may be able to click your way back to the good ol’ days.

  • Go to Edit > Undo

iMovie’s Undo command is now virtually unlimited.  But let’s qualify this.  You can only Undo as far back as your last Save.  In other words, when you Save your project, you lose your chain of possible Undo’s.  iMovie wipes the slate clean.

Be smart.  Balance your need to Save with your need to Undo.



First, a warning:  Never Empty your Trash Can. The Trash Can is the ultimate safeguard.

Notice the Trash icon in the bottom right corner.  This is iMovie’s Trash Can—it is associated only with your personal project, so no one else will see it. 

Click on the Trash can and root around for clips you’ve cut or cropped or dragged out of your work space.   Then pull out anything you need.

Never empty the Trash--unless you absolutely need the file space.  Don’t think of the trash as a graveyard.  Think of it as a vault where iMovie tucks trims away for safekeeping.


Revert Clip to Original:

If you’ve trimmed or cropped or otherwise whacked a clip beyond all recognition, you may just want to start fresh.

This command will zap a clip right back to its original state (i.e. as imported).

  • Select a clip on your Timeline.
  • Go to the Advanced menu > “Revert Clip to Original”
  • On the timeline, the clip will shift and re-size itself back to its original state.

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